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SternMate Accessories

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  • SternMate "OUT-RIG'R"
    SternMate "OUT-RIG'R"
    The "OUT-RIG'R" reaches way back aft of your transom of the fastest boats. Attached to your SternMate, or any of the SternMate accessories, the SternMateOUT-RIG'R moves your high speed transducer (to 8"...

  • SternMate "STEP-LAD'R"
    SternMate "STEP-LAD'R"
    Optional for your SternMate™, our "STEP-LAD'R" bracket allows you to easily mount your transducer on those difficult to impossible "stepped-transom" (set back transom) designed boat hulls. Now...

  • SternMateDUO - Multiple Transducer Mounting Accessory
    SternMateDUO - Multiple Transducer Mounting Accessory
    The very popular SternMateDUO is the ultimate multiple transducer mounting companion for your SternMate System. The "DUO" replaces your Setback Plate (or may be installed to it when preferred) included with...